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A Whiter Shade Of Pale – Procol Harum’s Return

As it is, Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” is probably the most replayed and used in other media such as movies, than any other song of the 60’s., I became a true lover of the song once I read the lyrics and found how they matched themes of my life. Later, I came upon a wonderful remake of the song performed by the original members and along with an orchestra, I was and am amazed at its EVERYTHING!

Procol Harum‘s Return with their song A Whiter Shade Of Pale

And with no further introduction, I present to you, Procol Harum’s original band members performing with the Danish National Concert Orchestra and choir at Ledreborg Castle, Denmark in August 2006

Determine Who’s Connected to Your Computer

Find out Who’s Connected to your Computer:

In a few days, I’ll be providing an application (free) that will provide detailed information regarding who’s connected to your computer.  If you’d like this beta-test version, fill out the below form and I’ll email you a direct-download-link (DDL), I like acronyms lol)

() IP address report

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