A Post to Microsoft Feedback on Visual Studio IDE

Feedback – Idea to Microsoft


Posted on this page: Link On Microsoft Feedback Server

The following Post is as it was literally posted

Menu: View – Other Windows; Grey-Out if Not Applicable

Have all aspects of the IDE which are not applicable to the language of your project, greyed out; as is the case (correctly) with Microsoft applications across the board. If a functionality does not apply to the current working context, it is greyed out. 
I’m not privy of this case the other way around, i.e., if any non-applicable IDE functionalities exist when working in say, C++, but my educated guess would be “no, there are not”. This is just a helpful, Microsoft consistency idea, I’ll be alright while it is as is. 

NOTE: To Microsoft Employees (all) 
Thanks Team Microsoft for all the years of jubilation in my Codation¹, it’s kept me motivated for most all of my life!

1. The act, thoughts, visions, realizations, frustrations, laughter and tears that go into the art and science of coding/programming. Yes, it’s my own but works in that paragraph 🙂


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