New Theme – WordPress – Nice!

Using a New Theme

Today we looked at a new theme for our site and was quite amazed by the choices WordPress has to offer free of charge; you’re looking at one of them.  As a startup company low on funding, this theme accommodates our needs perfectly.

Take a look around, browse wherever you’d like, make a post, sign up and enjoy your visit;this site is an informal means to discuss Software Development at any/all programming levels, languages and expertise.

I personally code mostly in VB.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Professional but use C++, C# and others as is required by the programming needs.  My name is Glenn T. Kitchen and I personally welcome you to this Blog; have a great day!

Additionally and on the side, we are beginning a new Online Collaborative Developmnt Team (OCDT) and you may visit this and look it over as well:

Glenn T. Kitchen


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