MicroSD Install – Samsung Core Prime

I had problems getting my 32GB microSD card to be recognized by my Samsung Core Prime phone (which I think is a great phone dollar for dollar¹) and then resolved the issue.

What I did to resolve the problem:

  1. Turned off phone
  2. Removed cover AND battery.
    NOTE: When it didn’t work, I hadn’t removed the battery.  I don’t know if this was the ultimate resolve, but I did remove the battery on the attempt which worked.
  3. Finally, I assured the mSD card was fully inserted – all the way.

Through the two differences; removing battery and assuring full insertion, the phone recognized the mSD card upon the next boot.  I didn’t need to format or do anything else; the mSD card was completely prepared an ready for use.

Formatting Your MicroSD card

I don’t know about all brands and whether some require formatting, but mine is a PNY 32GB, 90MB/s, 4K Ultra HD, Turbo Performance mSD card. And “No” it didn’t come with flame analyzers – LOL, per the movie “My Cousin  Vinny” as can be viewed at IMDB, the Internet Movie DataBase



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