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MSDN – Export Pages – Great Feature!

On MSDN, you can select the Export Mode, then select the pages you desire to include and thus create your own documentation reference book, if you will.  This is very helpful in tailoring your documentation to that which pertains specifically … Continue reading

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Two Hearts (are better than one)

Bruce Springsteen sings about the soulful trials of girls and guys Continue reading

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hp & GTK Computer?

GTK is in the startup phase of creating a Global PC Management Service, hp Helps? In need of computers and servicing of hp caliber GTK is in need of a supporting computer manufacturer and servicing company of hp’s caliber and henceforth prompts … Continue reading

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GTK Proudly Endorses HP

HP Personal Computers and Service – GTK Endorsement (edited and revised for spelling and grammar – shame on me!) As a computer professional, I’ve used and worked on most all brands of computers and have come to the conclusion that HP IS … Continue reading

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