GTK Proudly Endorses HP


HP Personal Computers and Service – GTK Endorsement
(edited and revised for spelling and grammar – shame on me!)

As a computer professional, I’ve used and worked on most all brands of computers and have come to the conclusion that HP IS the best PC company. Note that one of the most important attributes taken into account here is service; both the very few times I’ve needed it (over 30+ years) and the quality provided in those instances. As everyone has experienced, service time can be THE nightmare you hope never happens and thus to have the quality service HP provides is a true blessing.  Further, I actually dealt with English speaking professionals who actually cared about my ability to be up and running with my computer.  It was quick AND thorough!

My experiences with HP, for the very few times I’ve needed it, have been exceptional. They went out of their way to accommodate my particular monetary and time requirements, neither of which was a contractual obligation. Over roughly 30 years of utilizing hp computers I’ve only required two service requests and i rate both of them 10/10, nothing could have been done better; cordial, professional, experienced, of complete knowledge, timely and further, they didn’t try to escape their legal warranty in any fashion but rather seemed apologetic that i was in down-time with my PC.
HP didn’t just fix my computer! HP fixed everything that was problematic, that which I returned it for, and as we’ll repaired additional components. I use my computer so frequently that in just six months the letters on the keyboard were showing wear and I’d at one time bumped my computer into a wall and thus a piece of the plastic molding was missing; HP saw these problems and under no obligation whatsoever, replaced them free of charge! This is a business ethic I’ve yet to find elsewhere in this day and age of businesses pinching every last penny at the cost of losing many customers. For all of these reasons, GTK rates HP the best computer company in existance!

For those who’ve realized the horrors of poor computer service, both calls and repair, and a problematic computer in general, I sincerely recommend HP as your business or personal computer.GTK Computer Services Inc. proudly recommends, stands by, is a partner of and endorses HP as the best manufacturer of the Personal Computer. Thank you HP and I’m further pleased to advocate your brand of computer and computer products.

Glenn T. Kitchen
Owner – GTK Computer Services Inc.


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