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Learn to Develop with Microsoft Developer Network | MSDN

via Learn to Develop with Microsoft Developer Network | MSDN

MSDN SnipThough expensive (and so far no financial help abilities) MSDN is a complete, I mean very complete developer’s gold mind for developing any project in any language!  If you’re new to programming or a seasoned veteran, MSDN and Visual Studio are for you!

Beginners:  Download the free version of Visual Studio: Visual Studio Community 2015 from the MSDN Visual Studio download page (
*(Though this is free, it is packed full of development tools, extensions, samples and the development environment is fantastic!)
–NOTE:  I sincerely recommend that all beginning programmers start with the Visual Basic.NET language, which is far from basic these day.  This allows you to concentrate more on programming concepts and less on language syntax/semantics. 


Troubles Upgrading to Windows 10?

Try downloading the Media Creation Tool which allows you to download Windows 10, create a USB, DVD and other formats, then install it from your created source. You should have a very broadband connection or plenty of time on your “regular” connection as this is a huge download.
If this doesn’t help, message us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

AT&T and Barnes & Noble…Worst WiFi Around

Don’t plan on going to Barnes & Noble’s Cafe to enjoy their WiFi, it is the most unreliable, insecure, intolerant and slowest I’ve yet to experience in over 20 years of WiFi use! Data details coming soon…

GTK Developer’s Forum: HP Technical Support liked your post “hp & GTK Computer?”

Now this is a company!  My enthusiasm in our startup venture has been heightened greatly by this unprecedented acknowledgement by our highest rated PC manufacturing company, HP.  GTK Computer Services Inc. will be working on a joint venture with HP in realizing through team collaborative development, a software based system to maintain computer performance, stability, security, intuitive user experiance and overall health.  This long awaited software has many high technology features which will heighten the end user’s experience; functionalities such as Guided Operating System Experience (GOSE), Tethered Parallel Communication Assistance (TPCA) and Direct User Assistive Leveling and Information Technologies (DUAL-IT’s)

Further technology briefs are available for interested users and developers alike; signup below for your desired information or collaboration level.  Though the development and HP collaboration phase is in  its infancy, signing up for collaboration at this level will provide developers priority in later phases of this project.  So, thank you for your interest in this article and should you desire further participation, be sure to let us know via any of the following means – have a great day!

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Hillary Clinton Trapped in Lie…Extends Lie Further

Hillary Clinton lies about how and why Ambassador Stevens is murdered to further her own personal agenda.   She and President Obama are directly responsible for his and three other servicemen’s death, read further, it is true!  Our commanding military orders a Stand-Down to nearby assistive U.S. forces (or allows such), denies multiple requests by Stevens and Co. for need of further assistive forces then blames this all on a movie, which she new had nothing to do with the attack.  She then further apologizes to the country which murdered him by dragging him behind a vehicle until dead.  (A very difficult to watch video of this exists on YouTube and was published by news stations at the time of occurrence.)

Gowdy Shreds FBI’s Comey on No Charges

Glenn T. Kitchen