GTK Developer’s Forum: HP Technical Support liked your post “hp & GTK Computer?”

Now this is a company!  My enthusiasm in our startup venture has been heightened greatly by this unprecedented acknowledgement by our highest rated PC manufacturing company, HP.  GTK Computer Services Inc. will be working on a joint venture with HP in realizing through team collaborative development, a software based system to maintain computer performance, stability, security, intuitive user experiance and overall health.  This long awaited software has many high technology features which will heighten the end user’s experience; functionalities such as Guided Operating System Experience (GOSE), Tethered Parallel Communication Assistance (TPCA) and Direct User Assistive Leveling and Information Technologies (DUAL-IT’s)

Further technology briefs are available for interested users and developers alike; signup below for your desired information or collaboration level.  Though the development and HP collaboration phase is in  its infancy, signing up for collaboration at this level will provide developers priority in later phases of this project.  So, thank you for your interest in this article and should you desire further participation, be sure to let us know via any of the following means – have a great day!

via [GTK Developer’s Forum] HP Technical Support Phone Number liked your post “hp & GTK Computer?” – – Gmail


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