Learn to Develop with Microsoft Developer Network | MSDN

via Learn to Develop with Microsoft Developer Network | MSDN

MSDN SnipThough expensive (and so far no financial help abilities) MSDN is a complete, I mean very complete developer’s gold mind for developing any project in any language!  If you’re new to programming or a seasoned veteran, MSDN and Visual Studio are for you!

Beginners:  Download the free version of Visual Studio: Visual Studio Community 2015 from the MSDN Visual Studio download page (https://beta.visualstudio.com/downloads/)
*(Though this is free, it is packed full of development tools, extensions, samples and the development environment is fantastic!)
–NOTE:  I sincerely recommend that all beginning programmers start with the Visual Basic.NET language, which is far from basic these day.  This allows you to concentrate more on programming concepts and less on language syntax/semantics. 


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A computer professional since 1981. .NET developer, C++, C#, JAVA, VB.NET... Love music, play lead guitar, sing The outdoors is me. Sports; NFL, MBA, Motocross, X Games
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