Barnes & Noble…the Best!

One of the best places here in Saint Augustine.  The employees are all very kind, the place has tons of great books, and will order in anything they don’t have in stock, the clientele is a cool mix of college folk, neighborhood frequents and visitors of great diversity.  The coffee is of course great – they serve Starbucks, the snacks and other beverages tingle the taste buds and the cafe yields a beautiful view of, well, sunny Saint Augustine.  You can also access the Internet here (as I’m using to write this message).

This Barnes & Noble has been a popular spot as both a neighborhood coffee shop and book seller for myself and many of my friends, the staff is very friendly and makes you feel welcome.  Because I’ve experienced many large corporate facilities not seeming to care about their clientele (you know the ones, where you feel obligated to thank  them  for taking your money) I give this Barnes & Noble an A+.

Thanks to all the staff at this Barnes & Noble..


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