Bruce - Live In New York City

Bruce – Many More Reasons…

More reasons I put Bruce above all other musicians
(applies to the whole band)

While being In about the most difficult realm to maintain integrity, morals, ethics and values, I’ve never heard anything negative about Bruce Springsteen or The E. Street Band? Did you ever hear about him being a womanizer? Ever hear about him/them trashing hotels? How about any drugs or alcohol abuse? How about ANY of his songs condoning drugs, killing people, hating his mother, using woman, advocating foul behavior? Bruce is direct proof that you don’t need foul language or behavior to be of the top echelon in the Rock/Rock-N-Roll industry and if it isn’t needed in the Rock industry, it isn’t needed anywhere!
Forty years burnin’ down the road; in the toughest job to behave, with temptation knocking at every door from every direction, not one word legitimately spoken of derogatory nature! In this day and age of serious decay in our society’s morals, ethics and values, even by our U. S. Presidents, politicians in general, sports stars, etc., how can this exceptional, unbelievable feat be ignored by our press? And, from where do you think Bruce obtained, at least in part, his motivation and realization of the importance of maintaining these characteritics? Of course his mother, but how about his idol, Elvis Presley, who was bigger than life himself until these exact temptations took him over, put him in a trap and carried him to death? Yep, Bruce saw his own idol, Elvis Presley be torn, broken to pieces then laid to rest from most all of these temptations and hence Bruce, with strict vigor, swore not to walk the same path; AMEN, love that you’re here!
Then, the friendships; keeping a nine piece band together and as blood-brother level friends! Are you kidding me? Where are the writers today? Beyond this being a needed headline and story, it warrants such in every manner! This is the kind of noble behavior that should be popularized, not all the foul rubbish covering our papers and news today! I challenge every commercial writer to bring YOUR morals to the table, make this excellence the popular headlines, help our society instead of bowing to its ill desires, quit riding the train and start engineering it!

What a person, not just my all-time favorite musicianpdvd_271pdvd_263


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