Taking the ’86 Daytona Motocross Win

Motocross:  Rick JohnsonBob Hannah 

I remember having met Rick Johnson in Michigan, a super kind, down-to-earth, class-act man and here he’s riding his favorite MX bike, the 1986 CR250r.  This was also my favorite, having gone through two in the ’86 season.  Near the end of the summer of ’86 I’d worn out my bike and no dealers in the US had any ’86 CR250r’s remaining so I drove up to Toronto to purchase my second one.  I then headed down to Croom’s professional practice track in Brooksville, Florida where I stayed through the Spring of ’87, working out in the sand of Croom whipped me into shape for the ’87 season.  I placed in every race in 1987 feeling like I was flying without weight, after having worked the sand trenches in Brooksville.  If you want to get in shape for Motocross, Croom’s the place.

Meeting the Stars


I also met many top-level racers there such as Bob Hannah, Jeff Ward, JJ Keller and many more.  I’ll never forget Bob (Hannah) racing in Brooksville; I was with my girl and we video taped the race but as Bob said after the race, it seemed like his “endo” (an end-over-end wipe out) drew the most crowd reaction.  Bob won the race with ease and spoke with I and my girlfriend afterwards; in retrospect I believe he wouldn’t have minded, probably wanted to,  come over for a home-cooked meal but I was too star struck to even think such was a possibility.

Thanks to the Class Acts!

Thanks Bob Hannah and Rick Johnson for the great years of racing, you were always my motivators and the class-act of both of you made for some really treasured memories!

The 1986 Daytona Motocross Race

Now Known as One of the Best Supercross Races Ever

The following race is known to be one of the best Supercross races of all time (tune out the audio maybe lol)

Cheers to all racers of the Motocross World!

Glenn T. Kitchen


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