Android Root via One-Click for Developers

Root Your Development Android Device

This is the advertised best means for rooting your Design-Time Android device for development with Netbeans.  The below link will allow you to download the APK.

< Universal Androot for Android >

Instructions for Rooting

  1. The first step is to download Universal Androot 1.6.2 beta 5.
  2. Now connect your supported Android device to the computer and mount SD card.
  3. Now copy the APK file you downloaded in Step 1, to the SD card.
  4. After this is done, use any Astro File Manager to install the file. You can install Astro File Manager for free from Android Market.
  5. Now launch the Universal Androotapplication and follow onscreen instructions to root your device. There you go! It is the simplest method ever to root your Android device and we have tested this method successfully on Nexus One and Sony Ericsson X10/X10 Mini.

Android Handsets Not Supported With This Root Method Are:

  • Google Nexus One (2.2 FRG33- due to exploit fix)
  • Samsung i9000 / i6500U / i7500 / i5700
  • Motorola ME600 / ME501 / MB300 / CLIQ XT
  • Motorola 2.2 FRG22D
  • Archos 5
  • HuaWei U8220
  • HTC Desire / Legend / Wildfire
  • HTC EVO 4G / Aria
  • SonyEricsson X10i R2BA020
  • myTouch Slide
  • myTouch 3G (2.2.1)

In case you are facing any difficulty with the root or there is some post-root issue, you can navigate to this link for reference.

Last edited by Mobile Editor on 16/01/11 to update supported and unsupported device list and replace download link with the latest version available.

*NOTICE:  Some infrmation on this page was obtained via this site:

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