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Create an offline installation of Visual Studio 2017 RC
12/7/2016 3 min to read Contributors all
Create a layout
If you want to install Visual Studio 2017 RC on another machine that doesn’t have internet access, you can do so by first creating an offline installation layout that contains all the Visual Studio files and components you need.

You can then install Visual Studio to the target machine by using the offline installation layout that you created.


Currently, the Android SDK does not support an offline installation experience. If you install Android SDK Setup items on a computer that is not connected to the internet, the installation might fail. For more information about this, go to the Troubleshoot an offline installation section in this topic.
To create an offline installation layout of Visual Studio
Download the Visual Studio setup executable file to a drive on your local machine. For example, download the vs_enterprise.exe file.
Run vs_enterprise.exe with the following arguments (switches) from a command prompt:

a. Add –layout <path>, where <path> is the location where you want the layout to download to. Note that relative paths (e.g. ..\vs2017) are not supported at present. By default, all languages are downloaded. (See Example A.)


Currently, an offline installation of Visual Studio 2017 RC will silently fail to install if the layout location is a root directory (for example, D:\). This is very common when an offline installation layout is created at the root of an ISO image. To work around this issue, please use a directory for the layout location. For example, use D:\VS2017.
b. Restrict the download to a subset of the available languages by providing the –lang <language> argument, where <language> is one or more of the ISO country codes. (See Example B and Example C.)


Example A: Install all languages

vs_enterprise.exe –layout C:\vs2017

Example B: Install one language

vs_enterprise.exe –layout C:\vs2017 –lang en-US

Example C: Install multiple languages

vs_enterprise.exe –layout C:\vs2017 –lang en-US de-DE ja-JP

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