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Welcome to the PowerShell Gallery
The PowerShell Gallery is the central repository for PowerShell content. You can find new PowerShell commands or Desired State Configuration (DSC) resources in the Gallery.

Getting Started with the Gallery
Installing items from the Gallery requires the latest version of the PowerShellGet module, which is available in Windows 10, in Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0, or in the MSI-based installer (for PowerShell 3 and 4).

Get Windows 10
Get latest WMF
Get PowerShellGet for PS 3 & 4
With the latest PowerShellGet module, you can:

Search through items in the Gallery with Find-Module and Find-Script
Save items to your system from the Gallery with Save-Module and Save-Script
Install items from the Gallery with Install-Module and Install-Script
Upload items to the Gallery with Publish-Module and Publish-Script
Add your own custom repository with Register-PSRepository
Check out the Documentation for more information on how to use PowerShellGet commands with the Gallery. You can also run Update-Help -Module PowerShellGet to install local help for these commands.

Download PS 3 & 4

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