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Calling & Messaging With Google Voice


Making Calls and Sending SMS Messages with Google Voice Account

Having Trouble Making Calls, Sending Text Messages with your Google Voice Account?

An Alternative to Using the Google Voice Web Site

  1. Go to your Gmail account
  2. In the bottom right corner you’ll see three icons; a Person icon, the Google Hangouts icon and a Phone icon.  If the contact list isn’t filled, click on either the Hangouts or Phone icon, then click each again.  This should fill the lists with contacts.
  3. To send an SMS message, click the Phone icon, type either the desired recipients email, name or phone number (phone number if they’re not amongst your contacts).
  4. Then you’ll see the ability to either Call or Send SMS; click on your desired action and such will begin.

That’s it; you now know how to place a call or send a message via your Google Email Account.  If you have any questions fill out the following form and it’ll be answered no greater than 24 hours from the time of your request.

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Getting Started with the .NET Framework

Getting acquainted with, then getting started developing with the Microsoft .NET Framework, brought to light through this MSDN Developers page.

.NET Framework Development Guide

via Getting Started with the .NET Framework

Please direct any questions to we’ll work you through all questions and problems. Featured collaboration document is here:
Microsoft Online Documents Collaboration Technologies

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Quick Algebra Starter

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Quick Algebra Starter
This exam is to help you get started with Algebra and is meant for those who are getting ready to take algebra or those who feel lost in their Algebra knowledge/ understanding. The exam will both ask questions, and after you’ve completed the exsm, explain how and why the answers are correct.
The most important aspect of this exam is to relax and follow along with what is being explained, trying your best not to implement past knowledge or construct premonitions of failure.

* Required
What does the equals sign dictate? *
That sometimes both sides of the equation could be the same
That the left side gains altitude when dwarfs sneeze on the right side
That the left side is exactly the same as the right side

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