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Bruce Laid Out…Music

Bruce overdosing on the soul of music! Here he’s laid out on his monitor while performing RamRod LIve In New York City, Madison Square Garden, July of 2000 (I believe). This video isn’t available on YouTube as every time … Continue reading

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Bruce – Many More Reasons…

More reasons I put Bruce above all other musicians (applies to the whole band) . . While being In about the most difficult realm to maintain integrity, morals, ethics and values, I’ve never heard anything negative about Bruce Springsteen or … Continue reading

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AT&T and Barnes & Noble…Worst WiFi Around

Don’t plan on going to Barnes & Noble’s Cafe to enjoy their WiFi, it is the most unreliable, insecure, intolerant and slowest I’ve yet to experience in over 20 years of WiFi use! Data details coming soon…

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Hillary Clinton Trapped in Lie…Extends Lie Further

Hillary Clinton lies about how and why Ambassador Stevens is murdered to further her own personal agenda.   She and President Obama are directly responsible for his and three other servicemen’s death, read further, it is true!  Our commanding military … Continue reading

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Two Hearts (are better than one)

Bruce Springsteen sings about the soulful trials of girls and guys Continue reading

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Today; Rough, Tough NOW Bring it On…

Never More Than You Can Handle… Today has posted a serious trial to my being yet my stamina is of the toughest there is.  To try to tell the story would be an insult to the true trials and tribulations … Continue reading

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